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5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Audio-Visual Provider

Event organizers are always looking for suppliers to make sure that their event are completed and executed smoothly. Which is why they need to be in contact with premier audio-visual companies in Dubai to ensure that they will be supplied with audio-visual gears.

Given the importance of these suppliers, you need to ensure that you get the right one for your event. If you are in the process of scouting for a supplier for LED rental in Dubai, be sure to ask these questions:

  1. Your business permits and licenses

The first thing that you need to do when you are scouting for a supplier is to check whether they are a registered business. There are a number of shady companies posting as a registered business. Dealing with this kind of company is dangerous. Once these shady companies did something unfortunate, your brand will be connected to it. Be sure to check whether they are following the standards set by the governing agencies and they have the necessary papers to operate.

  1. Your equipment and audio-visual gears

Audio-visual companies are known for their equipment. You need to pick an audio-visual company that can provide you with the latest audio-visual equipment. Hence, you need to ensure that their equipment is the newest and latest ones and came from credible brands and manufacturers. You might need to ask the company representative whether their equipment is the latest one in the industry.

  1. The people that will operate the equipment

Apart from knowing the equipment, you also need to know whether the team handling or operating the equipment is capable enough. Not only about handling the equipment but also doing troubleshoots should something unfortunate happened during the event. Of course, more than the skills, professionalism is important. They should have the right attitude when working in events and projects.

  1. Clients and events you worked with

You also need to know the kind of clients that the supplier is accommodating. Some suppliers are quite adept on handling certain kinds of events. But it is best to get someone who is flexible to handle different kinds of projects.

  1. Your rates and packages

This aspect is important, especially if you are working on a certain budget. You need to know if the supplier can fulfill the project requirements within your budget. Be sure to be clear with the amount that you are willing to shell out.