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Bouquet-Buying Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Bouquet-Buying MistakesFlowers and bouquets are common gifts that we give to our loved ones. The beauty they provide is incomparable and you can surely bring a smile to someone’s face.

But sometimes bouquet-buying mistakes happen which can lead to embarrassing situations. To avoid such instances, here are the “don’ts” that you need to avoid:


  • Buying flowers too early

One of the most common mistakes that people do when buying flowers is buying the blooms too early. Although there are ways to keep the flowers fresh, it would be best to give one that is just arranged at least 1-2 hours before you will give it. Buying it to early would compromise the quality of the blooms. You have to think of the timing. The best way to call your florist and assigned the time when you are picking up the arrangement. This would give the florist enough time to prepare the arrangement close to the pick-up time you specified.


  • Buying from a shop far from the location

If you are buying the flowers near your place and you have to travel at least three hours to give it to your special someone, then the flowers might look a little withered once you arrive at the location. Of course, you want to give something fresh and new to your loved ones. The best way to do is to buy near your meet up area or have them delivered. There are a lot of online flower delivery stores that service wide range of areas, even the far ones. Having delivered will lessen the chances of you carrying it all the way to the meet up location.


  • Not knowing the occasion

There are bouquets and flower arrangement that can be given for generic occasion, but if you know what the occasion is all about, you can make the arrangement more special. Take note that each bloom has a meaning and you can use it to your advantage. For instance, if you are giving it to a sick friend, lilies or freesia would be a good get-well-soon gift instead of the common roses which might be not appropriate for the location.


  • Not taking risk on the colors

It is not criminal to choose one single color for the blooms, but to showcase your creativity, it would be best to take risk on colors. Know how to mix and match. If you are not that confident with what colors and blooms to pick for your arrangement, consult with your florist. They can present you with a couple of flower arrangement samples that you can choose from.


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