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5 Tips For A Successful Client Onboarding

Clients are considered as the life and blood of any digital agency in Abu Dhabi. Without them, digital agencies might be having a difficult time keeping the trade afloat. Which is why it is a must for a digital marketing company to ensure that their clients are provided with the best service, even with the onboarding process.

Client onboarding is a necessary step to brief the client on what your agency is supposed to do and the service that you are going to deliver. It is also an opportunity for you to create a good impression and a lasting rapport to build relationships with them. If you are having some difficulty in making the client understand your presentation, here are some things that might be able to help you:

  1. Get all the information that you need

The first order of business to impress the client is to ensure that you got everything you need from their end. Meaning you need to get all the necessary information in order to create a complete client brief that will be used for the campaign. Prior to the presentation and onboarding, make sure to gather all the data from your new client – from the branding policy to their target audience profile. Some clients do not have an idea what you want from them so it would be best to give them a creative brief questionnaire that they can answer.

  1. Present in a way that the client can understand

Once you have all the data and a strategy is already developed, the next thing that you need to do is to create a client presentation for the onboarding. The key to a successful client presentation is for the client to understand what the campaign is all about. Create a presentation that they can understand. Avoid using highfaluting marketing terms to impress them. You would impress them better if you can explain to them what how Google AdWords in Dubai can help their campaign.

  1. Propose a clearer timetable

The time element is important, especially for clients. They need to see how long before the campaign can help out their business. Be sure to create a realistic timeline that would specify the activities and strategies would implement, alongside with the projected results. Justify each phase and duration.

  1. Manage expectations

Sometimes clients would expect more from agencies, which is understandable given the money they will be putting on their campaign. Do not make promises you cannot keep. As early as the onboarding, manage the expectation of the clients. Do not commit to something that you cannot do. If the client is asking more than the agreed deal, it would be best to inform them that it might incur additional cost on their part.

  1. Get everything on paper

Once the presentation is done, be sure to submit a copy of what transpired during the meeting. This is recap what was agreed and also inform the client that you are moving forward with the campaign with their approval.

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Why Setting Up Your Business In UAE Is An Excellent Idea

UAE is slowly transforming into an exciting business haven, perfect for business owners who love to take a risk. From a mere trading community and country, it managed to change its fate and become one of the fast-rising economic zone in the Middle East.

So, if you are thinking of a place to start your business or expand your trade, Dubai might be the ideal business destination for you:

  • Take advantage of the thriving economy


One of the main reasons why business owners are flocking and travelling half across the globe to Dubai is due to its booming economic state. This drastic change in economy is due to the Dubai Emirati government being open to investors and providing them a venue to flourish and grow. The government gave, and is still giving, foreign investors a chance to make it big in this beautiful city. Moreover, business owners can enjoy a number of incentives from the government like minimum to zero corporate taxes and also tolerable laws and regulations. Business owners have more liberty on running their trade than in any other country.


  • Ease of business set up


Another thing that makes UAE an attractive place to start a business is of the ease of set up. In some countries, it would take months and lots of paperwork to form a sole proprietorship. What the UAE government did was to make it easier for business owners to set up their trade. It only makes sense as they decided to open the country to investors. They streamline the processes of setting up a company.  Today, Ajman Free Zone business setup is much simpler and requires minimal amount of paperwork. This can make starting the business more appealing to aspiring entrepreneurs.


  • Great infrastructures


Without solid infrastructures, a country economy will go drain. That is why the UAE government ensure that along with opening their doors to businesses, they can also provide the services these businesses needed to thrive in their place. This service is done by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and transportation means to fly, ship, and trade the goods of these business owners.


  • Availability of business support


With businesses flocking in the country, a great support is needed to help these aspiring entrepreneurs. The good thing is, there are a lot of business consultancy firms that offer business services – from PRO services in Dubai to business set up and company formation. This would enable business owners to focus on growing their business alone.

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How to Choose a Fit Out Company for Your Office?

Before you venture forward to undertake an office refurbishing project, here are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best Dubai interior fit out company to refurbish the look of your office:

Why Should I Refurbish My Office?

Refurbishing an office is generally construed as a time-consuming and extremely expensive project to undertake. So why should anyone ever consider it for their employees? Here are a few advantages of refurbishing your office that you probably didn’t know about:

Motivating Staff 

It can be simply exhausting and de-motivating to turn up for work in faded, tired, and uninspiring surroundings. You can lend a new and fresh look to your office spaces, which will have a great impact on your employees.

Creating Better Impressions

When a client comes visiting at your workplace, they are likely to form an impression about your overall business at a glance, and this will have a key role to play when it comes to deciding if they want to trade with you. A clean and modern refurbishment not only serves to leave a first good impression, but also lets them rest easy knowing that they are dealing with a modern-looking, professional organization.

Choosing the Best Office Refurbishment Company

Fitting out an office can boost up the overall morale of the office, as we now know. Simply coming to work each day in an aesthetically pleasing environment will boost productivity and raise the spirits of your employees. Here’s how you can try to garner the right office renovation company for your office refurbishment needs:

Look For Testimonials/Reviews

You will come across a plethora of well-designed websites of fit-out companies, many replete with great sales pitches, when you are researching a viable company to refurbish your office. However, the best way of gauging the worth of a company is to look at their online reviews. A lot of websites contain testimonials from happy clients. Look at the testimonial section of each company to see if the company can help you in your project and if they relate to what you do.

Consider How You Want To Work 

If you want to make sure that your office renovation project goes smoothly without a hitch, it’s important to collaborate with a fit out company that has the same approach to their work as you. Whether this includes their philosophy towards the work at hand or their attitude to arranging the project, simply arranging an initial meeting can help you judge if the company is right for you. Read more to know about selecting a credible fit out company.